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When you start working with Anthony, you enter into a dynamic relationship and process.  He will begin by clarifying what is important to you, both today and in the future.  He will first seek to understand every part of your financial life taking into consideration your unique values, strengths, goals and dreams.  Next he strives to understand your expectations concerning a partnership with a financial consultant. 

Through a comprehensive financial analysis process he will help you identify and prioritize your dreams and goals by gathering financial data and analyzing your current financial situation.  This will then enable him to make specific recommendations to help you move toward your goals.  He will help you implement those recommendations and periodically review your progress.  Since changes in your situation will undoubtedly arise, Anthony will be there to help you make any necessary adjustments to help you get back on track or to chart a new course. 

Throughout each step of the process he moves logically forward one step at a time making sure you understand his recommendations and the reasons behind them.  Once your strategy is established he will monitor the progress and make periodic adjustments to ensure that the strategy stays on track with your dreams and goals.